Luke Scott To Rock Some Cannibalism With THE HUNGER

An inspiring tale of human triumph and perseverance!

If you don’t know the tale of the Donner Party, you should definitely look it up (or just watch Cannibal! The Musical). It’s basically a story of cannibalism amongst a bunch of folks who probably always though they’d spend their whole lives with a can’tibalism mindset. Starvation will do that to you.

Now, according to Deadline, Fox is going to make a movie about it. But this one is different. Titled The Hunger, this will riff on the story but with a “Walking Dead-style twist”. I guess that means zombies are involved? Or maybe it’s just boring and about a bunch of people you hate.

The film comes from a novel proposal put together by a New York content developer, hypothetically written by Alma Katsu. Think about that sentence. The film will be scripted and directed by Morgan’s Luke Scott. This means both Ridley and his son will have made films called The Hunger, probably the source of many future Scott family Thanksgiving jokes, if these folks even do Thanksgiving.