In which an old rumor resurfaces.

The idea that Max Landis might remake An American Werewolf In London is not a new one (whether it's true or not, that rumor's been circulating for years; it most recently popped up again just over a year ago, in this LA Weekly interview), but today it's been brought to our attention once again, by Landis himself...albeit in a somewhat oblique way.

Late last night, Landis tweeted this:

That Tweet, combined with this Tweet from a few months ago...

...combined with this other Tweet, from the month before that...

...seems to paint a fairly clear picture. Taken in conjunction with the fact that this rumor's been circulating in LA for years now, it seems pretty definitive that something's happening with Max Landis and An American Werewolf In London. We just don't know what.

Maybe he's written the script just for funsies (if you know anything about Max Landis, you know that the man loves writing screenplays). Maybe he's written it because the project's actively being developed (Universal's got the rights, so it'd be with them). Maybe he'll write and direct a remake. The truth is, we don't have anything confirmed at the moment, just a longstanding rumor and the Tweets posted above. 

Is this a good idea? A bad idea? I'll let you guys hash that out in the comments below. My position remains the same: a remake does not erase an original, so fuck it, go wild. Of course I'd prefer it if Hollywood were more interested in remaking movies that weren't good the first time around, but what do I know?