The 4K Restoration Of THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH Gets A Gorgeous New Trailer

For the love of God, Studio Canal, bring this to the States!

It's been years since I saw The Man Who Fell To Earth, and when I did, I'm sure it wasn't in a hi-def format (it may, I regret to inform you, have even been on VHS), so this new trailer for the 4K restoration of Nicolas Roeg's cult classic immediately melted my damn eyeballs. 

Go on. Look at it.

Obviously, the trailer above's not in 4K, but what's here is still stunning to my eyes. 

Here's the rub: the 4K restoration of The Man Who Fell To Earth hits UK cinemas (and only UK cinemas, until we hear otherwise) on September 9th. A new collector's edition Blu-ray will arrive shortly thereafter, on October 10th, but - as the Playlist points out - us folks in the States need to keep our fingers crossed for a Criterion reissue of that version sometime in the future. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to watch this trailer a half dozen more times.