The CW Is Getting A TV Show Based On THE LOST BOYS

On the upside, Rob Thomas is doing it.

Look, I get it.

You hear that the CW is turning The Lost Boys into a TV show, and your immediate reaction probably involves a fair amount of eye-rolling (maybe even a little wailing and gnashing of teeth, if you're a Joel Schumacher superfan).

But here's the thing: the whole thing's been spearheaded by Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas...and the setup actually sounds kind of great. Here's a description, via the folks at IGN:

"The potential series is planned to span seven seasons, each featuring a different supporting cast and setting, with the only constant being its crew of vampires (aka Lost Boys) who never age. The series would tell a 70-year story, with each season covering the events of an entire decade, with the first season taking place in the 1960s in San Francisco."

If you'd asked me ten minutes ago if I have any interest in a Lost Boys TV show, my answer would be no. But a Lost Boys TV show from Rob Thomas (who is writing and executive producing)? With that premise? Throw the right actors and a decent budget at it, and I can totally see that being something I'd check out. 

So, yes - they're making a Lost Boys TV show. But the talent involved thus far is encouraging, and I'm curious to see what Thomas does with it. What do you guys think?