Tom Cruise And Some Lady Star In New JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Poster

I guess we know who the real star of this movie is.

Jack Reacher is coming back October 21 in his new film Never Go Back. You probably already knew that since the movie already has a trailer and a poster. Just in case you needed a reminder, here’s one more poster for you:

You may notice something off about this one, however. Tom Cruise is front and center, of course. That seems as it should be for a Jack Reacher movie. But this time he has a buddy. It’s possible she’s a lady. Hard to say since she’s mostly hidden from us. If you read the rest of the poster you’ll gather that this must be Cruise’s co-star Cobie Smulders. Could be!

Despite this curious decision, I’m still excited for another Jack Reacher movie. I enjoy how cocky and mean he is to lesser humans, which is everyone. He’s pretty nice to Smulders’ character in the book, so maybe Cruise’s version will finally find someone up to his demanding standards. And then dump her just before the film ends. Guy’s got an open road to walk, lady. You’re lucky he even let you on his poster, tbh.