Exclusive New Photos From The Set Of IT Welcome You To The House On Neibolt Street

You do not want to go to there.

As we all know, director Andy Muschietti is currently filming his adaptation of Stephen King's It up in Oshawa, Ontario. You'll also recall that, just a few weeks ago, a kick-ass Birth.Movies.Death. reader sent in a slew of images from around the city as it was being redressed for the production. We looked upon those images and saw that they were good.

Today, we've got a new batch of exclusive set images for you. They come to us from friend-of-a-friend Angelica Juanita, who did some poking around on one of the film's shooting locations over the weekend. It's a location that'll be familiar to anyone who's a fan of the novel: the house at 29 Neibolt Street. 

Here's a shot of the house from a distance. You can see where the set's been fenced off from anyone interested in getting too close to the house (though I'm not sure why they'd want to; that joint looks like a tetanus shot waiting to happen...and you don't even wanna know what's living under the porch). 

Getting a little closer. I believe this is what our Millennial friends might call "ominous af".

And here we are, right on the sidewalk in front of the place. Other set photos have indicated that the fence in front of the house will sport a wrought-iron gate with a big "29" on it, just in case you had any doubt which house this might be. 

Here's a shot of the house head-on. According to Angelica, the house is only completed on the front and sides. Walking around to the rear of the set reveals that - movie magic alert - it's really just an empty shell. There is, however, a field nearby with some appropriately-aged (and apparently abandoned) vehicles sitting in it. 

And here's one last shot of the upper-half of the facade. I would absolutely, positively not want to spend any time in this house. 

Obviously, the jury's still out as to whether or not this adaptation of It will live up to the source material, but - if nothing else - the set design is totally on-point. I cannot wait to see what the production does with Derry's iconic Kitchener Ironworks location (which other set photos have revealed will be in the movie). Thanks again for snagging these photos for us, Angelica!

Now: what do you guys think? Feeling these House on Neibolt Street photos, or think the design's a little too on-the-nose? Sound off in the comments below.