Please Try And Contain Your Excitement While Watching The First Trailer For MAX STEEL

It's a toy movie.

A few weeks ago, I was taken to task for not treating the new Power Rangers costumes with the dignity they so richly deserved. If you were one of the people who found themselves enraged by my flagrant lack of respect for the Power Rangers, please be aware that this post - about the trailer for the Max Steel movie - will almost certainly not be for you. 

This trailer might be, though, so give it a whirl before hiting the eject button.

This is the international trailer for Max Steel, another in a long line of questionably-necessary films based on a toy. The project has apparently been in development since 2009, and is - according to IndieWire - a movie about a boy who "joins forces with an alien named Steel to create the superheroic entity of the title". With a winning logline like that, it's hard to imagine what could've kept this film in development hell for the better part of a decade.

As you can see, the film (directed by Sorority Row's Stewart Hendler) will feature performances from Andy Garcia and Maria Bello, two actors who will get far more out of their newly-installed marble countertops than Max Steel could have ever hoped to get out of them. It also features Ben Winchell as the film's titular hero. 

Max Steel arrives on October 21st.