The Canon Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

Amy's indulgence pick is a little-seen Steve Martin movie.

So here's the premise of Pennies From Heaven: Steve Martin is a sheet music salesman who is also a total asshole who slips into reveries where he imagines himself lip synching and dancing along with early 20th century pop music. He's a monster, and he also sings and dances. 

It's a very little-seen movie, a film that bombed on initial release and has never had a critical reconsideration. I think it's better than its reputation might indicate... but not by much! It's sort of insufferable and fatally ironic. And Martin is miscast. 

But that's just my opinion - Amy feels very differently. This is her favorite movie, and she nominated it as her 'indulgence pick' - a movie that maybe doesn't deserve to be in The Canon, but one that we really want to talk about. My indulgence pick was Re-Animator, which made it into the Canon. 

Is Pennies From Heaven a Canon film? It's up to you guys, as always - go here to vote

Next week: Jim Henson's Labyrinth!