THOR: RAGNAROK Set Photos Reveal Two Cool Brothers And One Strange Address

Is Thor searching for Doctor Strange?

Thor: Ragnarok is currently filming in Australia on city streets that appear far less cosmic than what we’ve seen from the film so far. While Thor may not be meeting up with his lady Jane this movie, that doesn’t mean he will skip a visit to earth entirely:

Just sellin papers with my mate @twhiddleston #parttimejob #thorragnarok @taikawaititi

A photo posted by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on

Chris Hemsworth himself offered that picture this weekend, just moments before he entire internet fainted. Loki’s definitely playing toward his Tumblr following this time around, and I hope he finds the woman of his dreams.

The more interesting picture, however, comes from the twitter feed of writer Daley Pearson (who was seen by some in that Thor and his roommate short shown at Comic-Con). Pearson tweeted a trio of photos you can see here, one of which features Thor holding a very suggestive business card.

If you look closely at the card in Thor’s hand, it appears to read 177A Bleeker St. I can at least make out the 177A part. This, according to comic book fans way more knowledgable than myself, is the address of Dr. Stephen Strange, indicating Thor may have a run-in with Marvel’s newest character in Ragnarok.

This makes sense, though. If Ragnarok’s going full cosmic, why not throw a little mystic in there as well? Plus, these little cameos go a long way toward making the Marvel universe feel like a living, breathing thing. Having Doctor Strange briefly show up will make his place feel even more established when Infinity War comes along.

What do you guys think? Is Taika Waititi just playing with us?