John Cho Will Headline A Con-Man Drama For The USA Network

In which John Cho's inherent smoothness finally gets him into hot water.

If, like me, you've spent the last however-many years wondering why Hollywood isn't doing more with John Cho (one of the most reliably solid and charming screen presences of the past two decades), well, today's your lucky day.

According to Variety:

Insiders tell Variety the cabler is developing Connoisseur, an hourlong drama hailing from Gary Lundy, Hand of God creator Ben Watkins and Star Trek’s John Cho, who will star in the series.

Connoisseur centers around Clay Park (played by Cho), a brilliant con artist who dupes the wealthiest, most powerful people in the country into paying millions for fake wine, but his hustle forces him into a deadly bargain with an organized crime syndicate, puts him in the cross-hairs of the FBI, and unearths the details of a tragedy that fractured his family years ago in Korea.

John Cho is - no snark - one smooth mamajama, so I have zero trouble buying him as a ruthless con artist. I have much more trouble believing that a network is developing a show around a Korean actor (whose character will even have a background based out of Korea!), but lord knows we're happy to see such a thing happening. I even like the setup (that bit about fake wine is great)! Good for John Cho. And, more selfishly, good for us.

Note that Connoisseur is only in active development at this point - so far, they've got a script they like and a star we all like - so fingers crossed that this thing makes it across the finish line. We'll keep you updated as developments occur.