THOR: RAGNAROK Set Photo: Hobo Odin Just Wants To Rock Out

Anthony Hopkins has been sighted!

Anthony Hopkins sometimes seems like way too serious a guy. It turns out maybe that is not the case. An Australian photographer named Glenn Hunt snapped a shot of Hopkins on the set of Thor: Ragnarok that kind of makes him look like he might be the Joe Biden of hobos:

Why does the once magnificent king look like he’s been living on the street in squalor? Well, The Dark World didn’t leave him in the best spot, so we can probably infer that he continued not being in the best spot for a while. That damn Loki. On the plus side, he looks pretty happy about things. Maybe by losing everything he gained the one thing that mattered: his smile!

It’s hard to keep up with all these indicators that Ragnarok is going to Ragna-rock. It’s getting ridiculous at this point, almost as ridiculous as that awesome pun I just used. They need to show us something crappy just to help keep expectations in check.