Behold, The First Trailer For DARK SOULS 3: ASHES OF ARIANDEL

You've got more dying to do.

All things considered, this has been a very bad year for AAA games.

I mean, we all expected From Software's Dark Souls 3 to be one of the year's best titles (and it is!), but...yeesh. The competition has not been what you might call "fierce". 

Good thing, then, that there's more Dark Souls 3 on the way. Today, we got the first trailer for the game's first DLC pack, Ashes of Ariandel, and it looks just as beautifully-rendered and wildly deadly as you'd expect. 

Take a look.

Not much is known about this DLC (the officially-released synopsis just tells us that we're getting "“a brand new environment filled with terrifying new enemies, challenges, and exciting lore"), and the trailer above is - in the great From Software tradition - extremely vague with the details. But what's here looks glorious. And maddeningly difficult. This, too, is in the great From Software tradition.

You guys ready for more Dark Souls 3? I completed the game a few months ago and think I'm juuust about ready to hop back in, and lord knows it's going to be awhile before another big-ass, attention-grabbing title comes along (I think The Last Guardian and Battlefield 1 are the next AAA games on my to-do list, and they won't arrive until the end of October). 

What say you? Excited? Or ready to move on? Sound off below.