MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, Called Best Film Of The Year, Gets A Trailer

This is the movie now leading the Oscar race.

What's gonna win Best Picture this year? A lot of people had that spot filled by Nate Parker's Birth of A Nation, but recent events make that incredibly unlikely (AFI just canceled a screening and Q&A with the director, whose despicable past has caught up with him in the past few weeks). The next possible contender? Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan, a movie hailed out of Sundance as the best of the year. That fest happens in January and people are still saying that today, almost nine months later. 

I skipped Sundance this year (honestly, my body just couldn't take the 3 hours of sleep on a floor for ten days. I needed a year off) but everyone I talked to simply raves about this movie, and about Casey Affleck's performance. I say this because the new trailer, which is embedded below... sort of doesn't sell me? It looks like a formula weepie, which is I'm sure how you have to sell a movie. So if you watch this trailer and say "I don't get it," just keep in mind that this film knocked everybody out at Sundance.