THE FLASH Season 3 Gets A New Trailer, 3 New Evil Speedsters

Expect the unexpected, and then some.

DC TV and Spider-Man: Homecoming are in a head-to-head race for most casting stories. I think Homecoming might be winning (it won’t be long before they cast Evan’s dad), but The Flash is today’s focus owing to the slow unfurling of its evil speedster club. But first, a brief new trailer:

It’s as short as your average TV spot, but it tells us a couple of things. One, someone has a creepy hood and some equally creepy followers. And two, John Wesley Shipp won’t just be showing up as Henry Allen. I like Shipp’s Jay Garrick. I’d like to see more of him, and a time-travel adventure with Barry seems like the Flash-iest way to go about it. It won’t be easy though, given who all they’ll be up against.

First up, Savitar, the shirtless speedster named after the Hindu deity Savitr. He hasn’t been cast yet, per Greg Berlanti (a South Asian actor would be great, but I’m not holding my breath), nor is he the speedster in black who goes up against Wally. Could he be the hooded villain at the head of the cult? Maybe! However, the black-suited bad guy might just be Rival (that’s two!), played by Vampire Diaries’ Todd Lasance. Or he could be someone else entirely, given that Rival is usually Jay’s nemesis, because he certainly isn’t Black Flash (three!), the avatar of Death who Zoom morphed into at the end of last season. Teddy Sears will return to play him, and way may have even gotten a brief glimpse of him being chased down by Time Wraiths.

Three new evil speedsters, plus one we can’t identify, and a returning Reverse Flash from season two. That brings our grand total of speedster baddies to five this season, which is a-okay by me. The Flash returns October 4th.