Trailer For THE PREQUELS STRIKE BACK Wants To Open Old Wounds

Are you ready to hear the other side of this conversation?

With all these new Star Wars movies coming our way, it’s easier and easier to forget the prequels ever existed. But they did. We cannot turn our back on history, even the really gross bits.

So now that they’re officially the red-headed stepchild of the Star Wars canon, perhaps the time has come to redeem the prequels through fond reevaluation. Our childhoods have all been to therapy at this point. And now, instead of expecting them to be good, they only have to not be the worst things ever to rise above the prevailing consensus.

I believe that is the point of The Prequels Strike Back, a documentary all about a trilogy of films everyone loves to hate. Check out the trailer below:

Who am I kidding? I’d watch this. And if you live around Austin, Texas, you can watch it at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse October 6 with filmmaker Bradley Weatherholt in attendance for a Q&A. I imagine this is a documentary that raises questions, so that would definitely be one to see.