Claustrophobes Are Encouraged Not To Watch The New BLAIR WITCH Trailer

Nope nope nope nope.

Via the folks at Collider, here's a brand-new trailer for September's surprise Blair Witch sequel. I do not recommend it if you've got a thing about tight spaces. 


Well. That legitimately made me feel uncomfortable. Well played, Adam Wingard.

As you know, Blair Witch (which you once knew as The Woods) is reportedly a direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project, with the long lost Heather's brother returning to the Black Woods to find out what his sister back in 1999. Somewhat infamously, Heather's ultimate fate was never revealed, so here's hoping that this Blair Witch can provide us with some answers. I wonder if any of the old cast is gonna turn up for this one.

Anyway, in addition to the new trailer, Collider's also got a brand new poster. It is very red.

Reaction seems all over the map on this one (leaning positive, I think?), but I know I'm curious to see what Wingard's got in store for us when Blair Witch opens on September 16th.

How 'bout you guys?