Denzel Washington May Headline The Next Film From NIGHTCRAWLER Director Dan Gilroy

We have to ensure that this happens.

According to Variety, Denzel Washington is circling Inner City, the next film from Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy. 

Variety says the film, like Nightcrawler before it, will take place in Los Angeles' seedy underbelly, and describes Gilroy's just-finished script as "a character study in the vein of Paul Newman’s 1982 classic The Verdict". 

That description's a little more vague than I'd like. Luckily, The Playlist has further details: they're saying Inner City concerns "an ambulance chasing lawyer, who takes over the business when his boss falls sick, but only manages to mess everything up."

According to both outlets, the project is drawing some serious attention, including the good folks over at Netflix. That'd certainly be a high-profile get for them. But really, considering how great Nightcrawler was and how great Denzel's always been, this sounds like it'll be a get for whoever snaps it up.

We eagerly anticipate updates on Inner City and will keep you informed as they roll in. Start getting excited in the comments below.