LA: John C Reilly Will Sing At A Tribute To Harry Dean Stanton!

Along with Kris Kristofferson, Father John Misty and more!

Let's say you're launching the annual Harry Dean Stanton Award, an award designed to honor a member of the film community whose work has defined American cinema. If you're launching that award who is the best person to have as the first recipient? Why, Harry Dean Stanton, of course. And that's just what Vidiots - the coolest video store on Earth - is doing. They're going to give the first annual Harry Dean Stanton Award to Harry Dean Stanton this fall. 

Harry Dean Stanton is, of course, one of the greatest character actors of all time. Listing his credits is an exercise in futility - they would just stretch on and on. He's been in more than 200 movies over 50 years, and you may have seen him in films like Paris, Texas, Cool Hand Luke, Repo Man, The Straight Story, Alien, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Wild at Heart, Pretty in Pink, The Godfather Part II, and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, even The Avengers

The event will happen at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, and it's going to be an incredibly cool and star-studded affair. It'll Ed Begley Jr., and will include performances and tributes from Kris Kristofferson, Father John Misty, John C Reilly (who just joined the bill! We are announcing him!), Inara George, Jack Huston, Harper Simon, and more guests yet to be announced. It's gonna be a GREAT night, and if you love movies it's gonna be an event you cannot miss. 

Not only will this be a cool night celebrating a great man, it's going to mark the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign Vidiots is launching next month. They're looking to bring video store culture into the 21st century, and knowing the great people behind Vidiots they're gonna pull it off. So if you go to this event you're not only having a cool experience, you're helping out a great cause. 

Click here to buy your tickets for The Harry Dean Stanton Award on October 23rd. I'll see you at the Ace!