Meet Mosaic, Marvel’s Newest Weird Superhero

Read a free comic featuring the body jumping Inhuman.

A quick rundown on the current state of the Marvel Comics Universe: Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, unleashed Terrigen Mists upon the Earth. Terrigen Mists are what the Inhumans - an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by alien tinkering - use to activate their genes and unleash their super powers. Sometimes they get cool, awesome powers... and sometimes they become fucked up monsters. It's a real crap shoot. Anyway, the Terrigen Mists circled the globe, activating dormant Inhuman genes in people with long-lost Inhuman ancestry. You could be out walking, come upon a cloud, find yourself in a coccoon and then emerge either with cool powers - like break out new character Ms. Marvel - or kind of fucked up - like Mosaic, who Marvel clearly hopes is the next break out. 

Mosaic is Morris Sackett, a pro basketball player who is super famous, very rich, and at peak physical condition. But the Terrigen Mists basically destroy his body and leave Morris with a weird power - he can jump into the heads of other people. But Mosaic can access their memories - this isn't a Quantum Leap "Oh boy!" story every issue.

“Morris goes from being one of the most famous people in the world to being no one,” says Executive Editor Nick Lowe. “Now he not only has to do time in the bodies of people he never even would have noticed, but also deep into Marvel Universe events!”

Marvel is definitely hoping that Mosaic becomes the next break out character, following in the footsteps of fellow Inhuman Ms. Marvel, and he also answers the cry that many racist fanboys raise when a character is race swapped: "Why not make new characters of color?" Well, here's one, and what's kinda intriguing about him is that it's possible Mosaic could explore the fact that being a person of color in the United States is more than skin deep.

Mosaic was first introduced in the Inhumans comic, but he's getting his own book this fall. The book is written and drawn by his creators, novelist and screenwriter Geoffrey Thorne and artist Khary Randolph, and Marvel is giving you a free sneak peek at what Mosaic is all about. In this free promo Mosaic meets up with the characters from Agents of SHIELD (who, for some reason, are now in the Marvel Comics Universe) and shows that he's not quite a hero. In fact he's more in his 'Spider-Man wrestling' stage - using his powers for his own purposes. Which, in this case, is having fun. 

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