This MY BLIND BROTHER Trailer Won’t Offend Anyone, Right?

Pouring one out for every awesome person in this movie.

Below you will find the trailer for a film called My Blind Brother. Its job is to introduce you to a movie in hopes that you might pay money to see it upon release. 

Maybe you will be charmed by its plot. Perhaps the cast of great actors will entice you. Or you might just want to watch a movie that makes fun of blind people as if the ‘90s Farrelly Brothers comedy era never ended.

It may not do that job, but you should at least give it a chance:

There appears to be some kind of love triangle, or possibly a love square, going on here, but I am unsure who is supposed to like whom. Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Scott all seem to be equally into each other, which is extra exciting since Kroll and Scott play brothers. Quite progressive!

In fact, if you could sum up this trailer with one word, “progressive” seems like the best possible choice. Here’s a heartwarming romantic comedy that couldn’t possibly offend anyone. It might even have the power to bring this torn nation together to laugh harmoniously at a blind guy who wants to run marathons and drive cars all over town.