A Couple Of Paranormal Investigators Join Liam Neeson’s THE COMMUTER

You just can’t keep these two apart.

It’s been a surprisingly long time since we got a good old man action Liam Neeson movie. It may have been because Jaume Collet-Serra was so busy making The Shallows. Or maybe Neeson just got tired. In any case, the gang’s getting back together for The Commuter, and our drought will soon be at an end!

But Liam Neeson won’t be the only actor in the film. According to Vulture, he’ll be joined by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Unfortunately, they are not playing their Conjuring characters.

The film is about a regular guy (who looks like Liam Neeson) just trying to take a train home from work. Farmiga will play a stranger who tasks him with finding some specific passenger on the train before its last stop. I doubt it’s just a polite request. Wilson will play one of Neeson’s buddies who helps out somehow.

I enjoy these movies, but I doubt we’re getting anything too out of left field here. Of Neeson and Collet-Sera’s collaborations so far, this sounds like it has a lot in common with Non-Stop. That is not a bad thing at all.