Bill Hader Channels Robert Evans In The Second Season Trailer For DOCUMENTARY NOW

Against all odds, they might've topped season one.

I probably don't watch enough TV to be making this call, but I'm gonna do it, anyway: IFC's Documentary Now is one of the funniest, best shows on television, the kind of great where you want to grab people on the street and tell them to watch it (and by "tell them to" I mean "demand that they"). 

The show's first season was one of the highlights of 2015, and the just-released trailer for Documentary Now's second season (begins Sept. 14th on IFC) indicates that they might've done it again. Just look at this thing.

I'm catching riffs on The Kid Stays In The Picture (just seeing Hader in full Evans regalia inside that faux office made me burst out laughing), Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (which was apparently shot on-location in Colombia), Stop Making Sense (Maya Rudolph's along for the ride on that episode), Swimming To Cambodia, The War Room (see a clip from that episode here), and more. As was the case in season one, it appears the Documentary Now team has spared no expense in recreating the look and feel of their targets.

September 14th's just around the corner, folks. Get excited.