Sam Mendes’ Next Film Might Be An Adaptation Of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH

Well, this oughtta be interesting.

According to a new report over on Deadline, Spectre director Sam Mendes is leaving behind the world of Ian Fleming for the candy-colored freakshow universe of Roald Dahl. Specifically, he's circling a live-action adaptation of James And The Giant Peach.

Take it away, Deadline:

Sam Mendes in early talks to develop and direct James And The Giant Peach, a live-action project in the works at Disney with Nick Hornby penning the screenplay. We’re hearing the talks are in the very early stages.

Truth be told, I'd be curious to see just about anyone's live-action take on James And The Giant Peach (have you read that book? Shit's gonna get weird). Is Sam Mendes the first name I'd think of for the job? No. Definitely not. But I am past the point of questioning Disney's judgment when it comes to live-action adaptations (see also: Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Pete's Dragon). I also think Hornby's an interesting choice for screenwriter. Again: not the first person I would've picked for the job, but I like the pairing. 

Obviously, all of this comes with the standard "talks are in very early stages" warning, so it's possible some changes'll be made to this creative team before all is said and done. We'll keep you informed as updates roll in.