I Am A Cuck

I am a libtard.

No, the site has not been hacked. I Am A Cuck is the name of the latest song from Tim Heidecker, and it's a parody of Paul Simon's I Am A Rock and it's amazing. Recently Heidecker has found himself drawn towards more and more overtly political comedy - did you see him at the Republican National Convention, where he hijacked an InfoWars reporter and did his amazing Alex Jones? Here it is:


- and I Am A Cuck is just another hilarious instance of this political humor. The song uses the shitty, lame buzzwords of the Alt-Right (ie, the white nationalist troll army propping up Donald Trump) to poke fun back at the Alt-Right. The use of I Am A Rock is clever because in that song Paul Simon is using terms of masculinity to criticize them, so it makes sense to do the same with the Alt-Right!

Here's the song:

And just to head off those who are gonna say we should just ignore these guys, that they are just internet trolls, that they don't really matter: YOU ARE WRONG. This is a movement that has spilled over into the real world. These guys are major parts of Trump's campaign. A guy yelled out "PEPE!" at a recent Hillary Clinton event (Pepe is the frog above. He's become a symbol for the Alt-Right trolls). To ignore these guys is to ignore a seething mass of sewage that is threatening to overwhelm the United States of America and the world. 

I have bad news for you guys stuck in 2002 thinking: the internet is the real world. Ask Leslie Jones.