Confirmed: Deathstroke Is The Main Villain In Ben Affleck’s BATMAN Movie

Welp, didn't see that one coming.

A few hours ago, Ben Affleck tweeted out a video from...well, we weren't sure where it was from, actually. 

We knew we were looking at Deathstroke, and we assumed we were seeing behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Zack Snyder's Justice League...but something didn't add up. For one thing: as far as we know, Deathstroke isn't in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

So, where was this footage from, then, and what was our takeaway supposed to be? We still don't have confirmation that the clip Affleck posted is from Justice League (more on this in a moment), but we can answer the second question: Ben Affleck's tweeting out Deathstroke footage because Deathstroke's gonna be the villain in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie. This is how we tell each other things in the year 2016.

Take it away, The Wrap:

Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the Batman standalone movie he’s directing, The Wrap has exclusively learned from an individual with knowledge of the situation.

This is legitimately shocking news! Affleck, who is on record as wanting to write and direct the "ultimate" Batman movie, has chosen Deathstroke as the Dark Knight's main antagonist. This is interesting for the obvious reasons (kind of a left-field choice!), but it's also interesting to consider in the wake of this story (which we broke back in May), where we learned that many Batman villains would be appearing in Affleck's solo Bat-film.

Does that invalidate the earlier scoop? Is Deathstroke going to be the villainous force that brings all these other supervillains together? Doesn't this kinda indicate that Affleck's almost definitely not making an Arkham Asylum movie (I suppose he still could be...but with Deathsroke as a focal point? Really?)? If anything, this news leaves us with more questions than we had ten minutes ago. I'll let you guys hash out your own theories in the comments below.

But real quick, let's swing back around to that footage Affleck posted this morning: what is that from? Could be a quickie cameo they shot for Justice League. Could be, Deathstroke's been fully integrated into Justice League and this is how we're finding out. Could be they're pre-shooting something for Affleck's Batman movie. If I were a betting man, though, my guess would be that this is something shot for a post-credits scene. There's plenty upcoming DC films they could attach such a thing to.

Anyway! Deathstroke's gonna be the main villain in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie. What do you guys make of that?