Daniel Danger Crushed Mondo’s New JUNGLE BOOK Print

PLUS: An intimate and informative video shows you HOW he crushed it.

This first paragraph just gets better and better as it goes along. Watch this. 

Mondo (in association with Cyclops) has announced that it will release a new poster for The Jungle Book. The print, a nine-color job from Daniel Danger, is an absolute stunner, and will be available in two different versions: a regular edition in green and a "hypno" variant in blue. Oh, and the regular edition is also an open edition, so literally anyone can buy one without having to worry about getting on of those dreaded "Out Of Stock" messages.

See? Wall-to-wall good news. And now, the poster: 

The Jungle Book by Daniel Danger

24x36" 9-Color Screenprint

$60 Hand-Numbered Open Edition

The Jungle Book (Variant) by Daniel Danger

24x36" 9-Color Screenprint

Variant Edition of 225

The open edition/regular version of Danger's Jungle Book print will be available starting August 30th (9 AM CST) and will remain on sale through September 2nd (12 PM CST) over at Mondo's website. Get there at any point during that time frame and you'll be able to snag a copy. The variant/limited edition version will also go on sale at 9AM on August 30th via Cyclops' site, but of course those quantities are numbered (read: they will not last long). 

Now that we've attended to the details: how gorgeous is this print? I think I prefer the variant (of course I prefer the one that'll sell out, because I like to set myself up for bitter disappointment), but obviously either version is frame-worthy. The detail Danger delivered on this one is really next-level, so much so that he went out of his way to record a video explaining how it was done. Seeing it all laid out like this, one screen at a time, is super impressive. 

Check it out:

Anyway, you are now aware of Daniel Danger's new print for The Jungle Book. Please plan accordingly.

Oh, and good luck if you're angling to score one of those variants. I welcome the competition.