How Could You Not Want To Visit WESTWORLD After Seeing This New Trailer?

This place has everything!

HBO's hottest new series is Westworld. This show has everything.

Executive Producers JJ Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, and Lisa Joy have gone all out to provide viewers with a brand-new televisual genre experience.

Yes yes yes yes. Murderous cowpokes. Radiation suits. Ed Harris being Yul Brynner. Gigantic escalators. Anthony Hopkins possibly drifting into the "Late Period Al Pacino" stage of his career. Weird symbols which may or may not point to a mystery that needs to be solved. Jimmi Simpson. An Android Water Wiggle.

(voice from the back of the room: "What's an Android Water Wiggle?")

That's that thing of where a robot gets shot a bunch of times and then drinks milk and the milk sprays out of the bullet holes. 

Westworld will open to the public on October 6th, 2016. Be there.