The Canon Episode 91: LABYRINTH

Is Jim Henson's Muppety coming of age movie an all-timer?

I never saw Labyrinth coming, I saw it way back in the 80s and always considered it kind of a bad movie, a failure. But it resonated with the generation after me - especially with women - and in recent years it has risen to the level of a new cult classic, with all kinds of toys being made and screenings being held. When David Bowie died earlier this year it came up way more often than I would have anticipated. 

But does that mean it's Canon? It's an interesting question, especially when our current Canon is heavy on movies that appeal to boys. This week Amy and I set out to discover if Labyrinth is actually a great movie, or if hasn't quite achieved the level it needs for admittance into our chichi movie club. 

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Next week: Stand Be Me, which just turned 30!