Trailer For James Franco’s IN DUBIOUS BATTLE Shows Off Impressive Cast

You had me at Selena Gomez, Franco.

James Franco’s journey to adapt every book he’s ever read continues with John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle, a story about striking fruit pickers. Franco’s a better director than people give him credit for, and now thanks to this trailer, we can get an idea of what he has in store for us with this one:

I think there are some weird editing choices in this trailer that make it seem almost like a TV movie. Ignoring that, however, one can’t help but be impressed by this cast. James Franco and Selena Gomez! That’s amazing. Also there are a bunch of nobodies like Robert Duvall, Bryan Cranston, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Ed Harris.

This doesn’t look like the most fun you’ll ever have at the movies, but with a cast like that there’s a good chance this will be watchable, and hopefully another positive notch on James Franco's directorial belt. With every one of these he makes, college literature classes get a tiny bit easier for slackers.