CBS All Access, Future Home Of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, Now Has A Commercial-Free Tier

Well, kind of.

Look, there’s no way in the world I’d rather have six dollars in my hand than watch new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. Even if I were on the verge of starving I would still mull it over. I need that show.

But some are irritated that CBS All Access’ six-dollar price tag doesn’t give you the show without commercials. Never fear. CBS has heard your complains and responded with a price gouge!

As of now, you can pay six dollars for regular CBS All Access. Or you could pay ten dollars a month for a “Commercial Free” version. But make sure to read the fine print. Hint: it claims “Live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions”.

I don’t know what those “promotional interruptions” might entail, but "commericial free" should probably mean there are no commercials, especially at such a hike in price. All I want to do is watch some Star Trek in peace. The only other show I can imagine watching on the service is more Star Trek. It's already kind of a high price for just one show.

And viewers, it's unrealistic to expect a world of entertainment for free, even though some of you still have those expectations. I’m fine with commercials in general. In fact, there's a nostalgic quality to how they space out shows that I occasionally enjoy. The problems I’ve experienced with streaming services like Hulu, however, involve seeing the same one or two commercials during each break and/or having the commercials refuse to load or crash my browser. The latter problem is especially troublesome.

Maybe that won’t be an issue with the cheapie CBS All Access, after all. I certainly hope not, as I don’t know if I want to ante up for a commercial-free version that still has some sort of commercial action in play. Last I heard, you're supposed to get what you paid for in this country. Thanks for listening. I'm Andy Rooney, signing off.