Feel Bad For Andy Garcia In This MAX STEEL Trailer

Like, really bad.

Do you remember Iron Man? Can you recall watching it that first time and thinking “Jeez, this would be better if he were a teenage male model with a twerpy robot pal?” Well sir (because there’s definitely just one of you and you’re definitely a guy), have I got the movie for you:

That is the trailer for Max Steel, a toy that became a cartoon that is now a movie. I think the idea is that people will see it accidentally believing it is either Iron Man Jr. or the new Power Rangers movie. Or maybe even the old Power Rangers movie. Good luck not letting that be you.

There was a Max Steel international trailer that came out a little over a week ago. This one is not international. It is better. It has more steel, and a lot more Max. Please enjoy it, if it’s not too extreme for you.