First SHERLOCK Season Four Image Doesn’t Rock The Boat Much

What’s John looking at?

This summer we were lucky enough to get a cool, action-packed trailer for Sherlock’s upcoming fourth season, which will air at some point in 2017. 

But that was over a month ago, practically a lifetime in internet terms. So just to keep us on our toes, we now have a very stylish photo of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to ogle:

Watson’s looking good, isn’t he? He’s also looking off to the side, as if something has his attention. Or maybe the photographer took the picture on “two” just to be a dick. Sherlock saw the move coming, obviously, because he’s a genius. Poor Watson’s always a step behind. Except when it comes to matters of the heart. Which have nothing to do with photography.

In any case, both pals look more or less the same as we’d expect. Sherlock season four, however, will probably be full of surprises.