Netflix’s Female Wrestling Show G.L.O.W. Gets Marc Maron As Co-Lead

From the garage to the ring.

After a few seasons of playing himself on Maron and several decades of being himself in real life, Marc Maron is finally going to try and be someone else. I hope it finally brings him happiness.

According to Deadline, Maron take a lead role in G.L.O.W., the upcoming female wrestling Netflix show from Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan. Maron will star opposite Alison Brie. Keeping alliteration alive, he will play a character named Sam Sylvia, a “washed up director who has a very complicated history with women - and now must lead 14 of them on the journey to wrestling stardom.” 

Sounds like the role he was born to play, just after the other role he was born to play. Unfortunately, he will no longer be playing that role as his show, Maron, is all over with now. He will still be Marc Maron in real life, though.

I imagine further casting on this will start coming in regularly for a bit, so keep your eyes peeled.