New MORGAN Trailer Was Made By A Computer, So Be Nice To It

Do androids dream of electric needle scratches?

Morgan has been trying clever promotion techniques. At one point, they showed the trailer to a couple robots and recorded their reactions. Now they’re letting the robots just flat out make the trailer.

Well, that’s only partially true. An AI system spent time studying what scares moviegoing audiences and then chose ten moments from the film that should be included in Morgan’s next trailer. An actual human did the editing, which kind of nullifies the interesting aspect of this in my opinion. Also, I'm surprised it didn't just pick out all the kills. Either way, you can see the results here:

Looking at that running time, your first instinct may be to make fun of the AI for its lack of brevity. But most of this video is just informative stuff about IMB Watson and how the trailer was created. The trailer itself is quite brief.

It’s also pretty much like any other trailer. Similar to the robot viewing reaction video, I believe you see what you want to see in this experiment. I suppose the most important thing is whether or not you see yourself watching Morgan when it comes out.