PITCH PERFECT 3 Lands STEP UP ALL IN’s Trish Sie As Director

Now the saga can continue.

By many accounts, Elizabeth Banks knocked it out of the park directing Pitch Perfect 2, which came out last year and made a gazillion dollars. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts will keep her from directing the third entry.

But never fear. The show must go on, and according to Empire, it will do so with the help of Step Up All In director Trish Sie, who is a really great choice. Along with Step Up All In, Sie has also done directing work for OK Go, who I believe are a group of YouTubers that sometimes make music.

Banks is not abandoning the film altogether, however. She will still produce and return as an actor. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow will return as well. Kay Cannon is writing again, though this time she had some help from Mike White, who is also pretty awesome.

I imagine the marriage of Pitch Perfect with someone from the Step Up series is bound to make a good number of people so ecstatic they break out in song. Or dance. It would even be appropriate to break out in both. Have some fun with your life!