Hey, Everybody: Ben Wheatley’s HIGH-RISE Is Now On Netflix

You're out of excuses to catch up with this Fantastic Fest favorite.

Ben Wheatley's High-Rise screened to quite the response at Fantastic Fest last year. Some people were baffled by it, others rejected it, and those of us with impeccable and refined taste fell instantly in love. 

This splintering of the audience is not uncommon with Wheatley's work, which is often aggressively confrontational in its depictions of violence and, y'know, man's inhumanity to man. But that divisiveness is also one of the things we've come to love most about the man's work: you never really know what you're going to get with a new Wheatley joint, but you can always count on the post-viewing conversation to be spirited. 

The BMD team ranted and raved about High-Rise after catching it at Fantastic Fest (I'd have to do a headcount, but I'm pretty sure we all loved it), and we went out of our way to promote the film during its theatrical and VOD run. And yet...some of you still didn't find time to see it.

Maybe you didn't like the VOD price. Maybe the film wasn't screening at a theater near you. Maybe you were just being exceptionally lazy and/or forgetful. Whatever the case may be, you need to be aware that you are officially out of excuses: as of today, High-Rise is now available to stream via Netflix.

If Netflix isn't screening the film yet in your territory or you don't have Netflix, well, you obviously still have an excuse or two. Everyone else, however, is encouraged to make time for High-Rise at their soonest convenience. It's easily one of the most bizarre, intense experiences you'll have with a film in 2016.

Even if it turns out not to be your cup of tea, you'll probably find something to appreciate about it. If nothing else, there's Portishead's amazing ABBA cover to consider.

Get thee to Netflix, folks, and feel free to share your opinion on High-Rise in the comments below.