GODZILLA: RESURGENCE Finally Gets An American Release Date

And you will probably miss it.

Godzilla: Resurgence has already stomped all over the Japanese box office, earning enough to be their biggest 2016 live-action movie so far. One would assume such a big hit would at some point make its way over to America. Funimation got the rights to the film earlier this year, but until now we haven't known when it’s finally coming out.

Here’s the bad news: yes, Godzilla: Resurgence will hit theaters, but not many of them. It will have a limited run on around 440 screens. That limitation also extends to the amount of time it will be out theatrically. It hits October 11. It leaves October 18. It’s like a Godzilla lightning sale. Tickets will be available here starting September 9.

I hope everyone who wants to see this movie gets that chance. Godzilla is always best on the big screen, and this has the added benefit of being subtitled instead of dubbed. But for many of us, however, it sounds like the real announcement of importance will be when we find out its home video release date.