Here’s The Pulse-Pounding First Trailer For LIFE ON THE LINE

Finally, a movie where power lines are the bad guy.

Earlier this year, American Crime Story came along and completely upended our preconceived notions about Ryan Murphy, the entertainment value of the OJ trial some twenty years after it occurred, and the sheer star power of John Travolta.

I'm being dead serious. American Crime Story was one of the best things you could've watched on TV this year, and John Travolta's impossibly campy performance as Robert Shapiro (so far over the top that it came back around again from the bottom) was absolutely one of that series' high points.

Make no mistake: American Crime Story's performances were all varying degrees of great. But if Travolta was in a scene? Oh, man. Your best bet was to always keep your eyes trained on him. Chances were, he'd be doing something bizarre, even if it was just a minor thing in the background of a shot. It was an absolute spectacle and - believe it or not - it worked. 

All of which is to say: I feel like we've entered the second or third Era of John Travolta Not Being Cool Anymore, but his work on American Crime Story proves that - when paired with the right material, the right director, and given free reign to go deeply weird - there's still plenty of gas in the Travolta tank. 


This, as you can see, is the trailer for David Hackl's Life On The Line. It stars John Travolta, Kate Bosworth, John Travolta's disconcertingly large beard, and a number of blandly handsome white dudes wearing Blue Collar costumes. As far as I can tell, it's a drama about what happens when your co-worker gets electrocuted. 

We won't know for sure until we've seen the film (note: let's be frank - none of us are going to bother), but Life On The Line doesn't appear poised to end this new Era Of John Travolta Not Being Cool Anymore. Can we get him back for the second season of American Crime Story, maybe?

For the curious: Hackl's film is already available for purchase on DVD in Japan, but does not currently have a US release date.