Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Romance PASSENGERS Gets A Creepy Poster

These two lovebirds will stare at you until your heart explodes.

Passengers is a science fiction romance coming out this Christmas that stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as two folks on a very, very long space trip accidentally wake up ninety years before they are supposed to. I don’t know what happens to them after that, but I assume it involves falling in love. And probably a ton of Netflix and chill time.

We now have a poster of the film, and it is surprisingly terrifying:

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence appear to be people made by Apple who are trying to stare you to death. It might just work. I find it difficult to look away. My loved ones call me, but I just let it ring…

As I said before, this is a Christmas movie. I’m sure it will be quite charming and not at all creepy. Exhibitors saw some of the film in April, and it apparently looks really good. I imagine a trailer is coming soon and doubt it will try to hypnotize us in any way.