Never Give Up: THE CROW To Start Production In January

Supposedly for real. Real for real.

The Crow is the story of a guy who dies, but then comes back to life as an invincible mime to kill the fools who murdered him. No matter what you do to the guy when he’s in mime form, you cannot hurt him.

The Crow remake is the story of a movie that people kept trying to kill but absolutely refuses to stay dead. You keep thinking it’s finally all done, and then new life breathes into it at the last moment.

I guess what I’m saying is that maybe it’s appropriate. According to The Wrap, The Crow really is going into production in January. As rumored last month, Jason Momoa will apparently play the role of Eric Draven, former rocker, future murder-mime.

The company line on this one is that it will follow the original book closer than the 1994 film did. That’s fine, though I don’t remember the book’s Eric Draven looking like a bodybuilder.

But you have to hand it to them. This movie has fought hard to be a thing. I almost have to respect it just for that. Even though it’s another damn Crow movie.