The Canon Episode 92: STAND BY ME

Does this 30 year old Stephen King nostalgia piece hold up?

30 years ago Rob Reiner adapted a Stephen King novella set 30 years before that. We have achieved a hyper nostalgia loop here as The Canon goes looking for a dead kid with Stand By Me. A film that kickstarted a couple of great careers and that might be one of the best King adaptations, Stand By Me is a tough film for me to look at objectively because I was 12 when it came out - just like the kids - and I'm 42 today - just like grown up Richard Dreyfuss at the end. I've experienced both ends of this story, and it all feels very true to me. But Amy, a woman who had no childhood, feels a bit differently. 

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Next week: The Blair Witch Project with special guest Simon Barrett, screenwriter of the new sequel The Blair Witch