Tony Jaa, Iko Usais and Tiger Chen To All Kick Ass In The Same Movie

Does the world even have enough asses for these guys to kick?

Action movies like to do team ups all the time, but some are more exciting than others. When it works, you get something super amazing like this year’s Kill Zone 2, which had Tony Jaa and Wu Jing. When it doesn’t work, you get stuff like The Expendables.

Hopefully, the upcoming Makeshift Squad will be an example of the former. Billing itself as an Asian Expendables, the film’s cast features three serious action names: The Raid’s Iko Usais, Tony Jaa and Man of Tai Chi’s Tiger Chen. That's a serious crew.

Calling this an Asian Expendables might be a bit much, but I’m super excited to see how much shit these three can break in the same movie. Gary Mak is expected to direct with production starting early next year. The film’s plot is still unknown, but nobody cares since these things are all just about ass-kicking anyway. And also romance.