Violence Abounds In This First Trailer For HEADSHOT

Why would anyone try to fight Iko Uwais?

You probably already saw today’s super exciting Fantastic Fest third wave announcement. This will be my fifth Fantastic Fest, and I don’t think I’ve seen one this stacked with action films that I can’t wait to see.

One of those films is called Headshot, and it stars The Raid’s babyfaced ass-kicker Iko Uwais. This is how it’s described in the third wave announcement:

The bone-crunching, soul-crushing, face-breaking story of an amnesiac young man named Ishmael, the doctor named Rika who cares for him and the bad men who all need to die in a maelstrom of sweet violence.

And this is how it looks in action:

It should go without saying that this is going to get seen by my eyeballs and that I can’t wait for it to happen. The action looks great, and it’s been too long since I saw Uwais really detroy somebody's face, as I'm sure he will here.