Two New Trailers For Netflix’s AMANDA KNOX Documentary Invite You To Get Judge-y

Do you believe her...or suspect her?

Netflix has found tremendous success with its original true crime programming, so it only makes sense that they'd produce more of it, and their latest true crime venture might turn out to be its most divisive yet. Or at least, that seems to be what they're angling for. 

Amanda Knox, from directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, tells the story of - you guessed it - Amanda Knox, the American student who found herself at the center of an incredibly bizarre murder trial (several of them, actually) in Perugia, Italy. Some believe Knox murdered her roommate in a kind of ritualistic sex murder, while others believe she was railroaded by the Italian legal system, a convenient scapegoat for bumbling cops who weren't able to figure out what really happened that night.

Blackhurst and McGinn's film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival tomorrow, and ahead of that premiere Netflix has released two new trailers for the doc: one of which leans toward Knox being innocent, and another which leans toward her being, y'know, a psychotic murderer. Where do you fall in this debate? Watch these trailers and make a snap judgement!

First, here's the "Believe Her" trailer...

...and here's the "Suspect Her" trailer.

This is a fascinating approach for Netflix to be taking. It's also a shrewd one, as pitching these trailers against one another will only get people debating Knox's guilt or innocence again (for the record, I'm firmly in the "She didn't do that shit" camp).

Watch the trailers, argue in the comments, tune in when Amanda Knox hits Netflix on Setpember 30th. Just as the streaming giant intended.