Jeff Nichols Will Remake ALIEN NATION

One guess who Michael Shannon will play.

This news will make some of you flip out while probably pissing off everyone else. Deadline claims Mud and Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols is going to do a remake of Alien Nation.

I say that mostly because Nichols is someone many people just love. Meanwhile, there is a whole lot of folks who find him overrated. Add to that the fondness many have for Alien Nation (those who remember it, I mean), and I feel like we have a recipe for high emotions.

We don’t yet know if Michael Shannon is involved. But c’mon. He will be.

Perhaps Nichols is an appropriate choice. He’s done sci-fi, and his Loving definitely explores racism. Alien Nation basically combines the two in obvious metaphor. For those who don’t know, it’s the story of a racist cop who partners up with the first alien allowed to work as a cop in a version of Earth where aliens landed quite a while ago. They live among us, but we treat them as a lower class. (This should sound familiar to anyone who saw District 9.)

It’s a great movie. I'm not confident a Nichols version will be. What do you guys think?