Of Course The Red Band FREE FIRE Trailer Is Incredible

Flesh wounds and F-bombs galore.

As promised, the trailer for Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire is here. As expected, it’s fucking awesome. I’m just going to get out of the way real quick to avoid getting shot:

Other than the inclusion of Michael Smiley, very little here would indicate that this is even a Ben Wheatley movie at all. That shouldn’t be surprising though. The guy rarely repeats himself, and while he normally sticks to darker tones in his films he also has an elastic enough style to direct Doctor Who episodes.

So it should be no wonder that he can also handle goofy comedy violence. Despite all the swearing and flesh wounds (seriously, how many people get shot but don’t die in this trailer? Like every main character?), what this Free Fire trailer really sells is the films comedy. It looks like a bullet-laden breeze!

That’s not exactly what I expected, but it’s certainly something I want. The film premiered at TIFF last night and people seem to enjoy it. I wish I were one of those folks, but I’ll just have to wait for its 2017 release with the rest of you.