There Will Be A Satanic Panic Escape Room At Fantastic Fest This Year

Aaaand it's actually open to the public, so anyone can come. BUT CAN THEY LEAVE?!

Like karaoke, Escape Rooms have become a big part of the culture among the Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse families. So it only made sense to officially integrate this thrilling, ridiculously fun, mind-bending adventure into the Fantastic Fest 2016 lineup! 

Thanks to our pals at Bottleneck Immersive, we're taking the biggest and most popular Highball karaoke room - The Inferno - and transforming it into a devilishly difficult escape room for the duration of Fantastic Fest and beyond! The room will be running through October and open to the public, so be sure to tell your friends. The ones who don't scare easy. 

Sign up for slots and get more info at the website, and read on for the press release!

Austin, TX - Friday, September 9, 2016 - Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest and The Highball are proud to unleash their first-ever escape room challenge, the Satanic Panic Room, where thrill-seekers find themselves at the mercy of the Devil himself. Produced by Bottleneck Immersive, the Satanic Panic Room will open to the public for daily bookings during Fantastic Fest at The Highball beginning Friday, September 23, and will continue on weeknights and have full weekend hours throughout October for the perfect Halloween season experience.

Escape rooms are physical, real life race-against-the-clock adventures. In the Satanic Panic Room, a group of four victims -- er, players -- are locked in and have to find their way out. These would-be Devil's disciples will be cloaked in ritual garb, blindfolded, and led to a dimly lit chamber. There they'll be shackled and given 45 minutes to solve a series of exciting, innovative and demonically difficult puzzles in a room steeped in Satanic cult atmosphere. It's up to each group to search for clues, crack codes and work as a team to win over the Dark Lord and rule by his side -- or fail and become the demon's next sacrifice.

"Every year we try to innovate new signature events to be a part of the Fantastic Fest experience," says Fantastic Fest founder Tim League. "Over the last couple of years, our team has become obsessed with escape rooms and set out this year to reimagine the concept with a decidedly demented Fantastic Fest flavor."

The Satanic Panic Room has been lovingly (and demonically) engineered by critically-acclaimed designers Bottleneck Immersive to create a heart-pounding, fun and memorable experience.

The Satanic Panic Room is located within the bowels of The Highball, next to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar at 1120 South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, TX.