Vince Gilligan To Make Jim Jones Series For HBO

You’re going to want to drink this Kool Aid.

It certainly feels like HBO is going to have another big, must-see series this fall with Westworld. That’s good news for them because with Game of Thrones on the way out, they’re going to need some new shows to keep their prestige image afloat.

They’ll get another chance with Raven, which according to Deadline, is a drama about Jim Jones and the People’s Temple's massive murder-suicide in 1978. That all by itself wouldn’t seem so noteworthy, but the show will be written and executive produced by Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan, who is always worth paying attention to.

It’s unclear if this is expected to be a one-off or go multiple seasons, though a one season story seems most sensible. The show will focus on Jones but, as one might expect, will follow many other characters as well, meaning they might be able to conceivably stretch it out if they want. Still, unlike most HBO shows, everyone’s going to know how this story ends. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gilligan doesn’t just open on the mass suicide before starting at the beginning.

(photo credit: Nancy Wong, used with permission via Wikipedia)