American SHIN GODZILLA Trailer Kinda Forgets To Include GODZILLA

It’s also weird as hell.

I guess you have to put yourself into the mindset of someone who doesn’t even know there’s a new Toho Godzilla movie that’s been out for months to get the full effect of this American trailer for Shin Godzilla (THAT’s the title they’re going with now?). This is cut with a real teaser feel, as though the reveal of the big guy is supposed to be this big deal. In reality, we’ve been checking him out for months and months. Have a look:

You do have the old school theme song represented, which is nice. But it - along with all the weird cuts to human faces that represent like 80% of this trailer - also gives me the idea that they’re selling camp. I could be convinced otherwise by a movie that knows what it’s doing (ahem Godzilla vs Hedorah), but for the most part that’s not the Godzilla I want.

A Godzilla that only fights the military is also not high on my want list, which makes this movie I was once so excited about more and more a dubious proposition. Godzilla himself looks super cool, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be.

In any case, tickets for this are now on sale. We’ll all find out soon enough how this new iteration of the character ranks among all his others. I’m going in a little bit negative but my fingers are crossed nevertheless.