Announcing The Top 3 Finalists Of Burtonize This!

The Fantastic Fest bumper contest has wrapped and we've got some terrific finalists.

Last month we announced Burtonize This!, the bumper contest for Fantastic Fest 2016 that challenged filmmakers to make a 30-second short that treats any existing property with a hefty dose of the Burtonesque. We received dozens of wonderful entries, and our jury had a devil of a time narrowing their picks down to two. 

But YOU, our at-home voters, did not appear to have such a problem. Our Audience Award Winner, by an impressive margin of 200 votes, is "Die Hard in a Castle," directed by Filmmaking Frenzy vet Mauriece Jacks, Jr.!

And rounding out our Top 3, our two jury picks are below in alphabetical order!

"Jack Skellington In The Box," directed by Roman Fruehan:

And "Tim Burton's Forrest Gump," directed by Aaron B. Koontz:

Congrats to our Top 3 finalists! The Grand Prize winner - of a trip for two to Fantastic Fest 2017! - will be announced at this year's Fantastic Fest. Keep your eyes peeled here for that announcement. 

BUT we also had some Honorable Mentions we wanted to, well, mention. We had so many spectacular entries this year, our jury just had to give special nods to the following bumpers (in alphabetical order).

"Burton Bojack," directed by Ray Chang:

"FantaFlu," directed by Owen Egerton (and written, produced and performed by the whole Egerton fam!): 

"Gobbler's Knob," directed by Mark Zuniga:

"John PW Herman," directed by Jared Skolnick:

"Make Exorcists Great Again," directed by Joe Naylor:

"On the WaterBug," directed by Andy del Barco:

And, finally, "Slim Burton," directed by Shane Shelton:

Congrats to all of our Honorable Mentions, and to everyone who worked hard and brought us a Burtonize This! bumper in this, one of our best years yet for the bumper contest. You might say we had a...bumper crop. (Cringe!) See all of the entries HERE.

Stay tuned for the winner, and for future Filmmaking Frenzy opportunities. And feel free to post your favorites in the comments!